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  2009.06.09  12.39
Snow White to the Prince by Delia Sherman

I am beautiful you say, sublime,

Black and crystal as a winter's night,

With lips like rubies, cabochon,

My eyes deep blue as sapphires.

I cannot blame you for your praise:

You took me for my beauty, after all;

A jewel in a casket, still as death,

A lovely effigy, a prince's prize,

The fairest in the land.

But you woke me, or your horses did,

Stumbling as they bore me down the path,

Shaking the poisoned apple from my throat.

And now you say you love me, and would wed me

For my beauty's sake. My cursed beauty.

Will you hear now why I curse it?

It should have been my mother's — it had been,

Until I took it from her.

I was fourteen, a flower newly blown,

My mother's faithful shadow and her joy.

I remember combing her hair one day,

Playing for love her tire-woman's part,

Folding her thick hair strand over strand

Into an ebon braid, thick as my wrist,

And pinned it round and round her head

Into a living crown.

I looked up from my handiwork and saw

Our faces, hers and mine, caught in the mirror's eye.

Twin white ovals like repeated moons

Bright amid our midnight hair. Our eyes

Like heaven's bowl; our lips like autumn berries.

She frowned a little, lifted hand to throat.

turned her head this way and then the other.

Our eyes met in the glass.

I saw what she had seen: her hair white-threaded,

Her face and throat fine-lined, her eyes softened

Like a mirror that clouds and cracks with age;

While I was newly silvered, sharp and clear.

I hid my eyes, but could not hide my knowledge.

Forty may be fair; fourteen is fairer still.

She smiled at my reflection, cold as glass,

And then dismissed me thankless.

Not long after the huntsman came, bearing

A knife, a gun, a little box, to tell me

My mother no longer loved me. He spared me, though,

Unasked, because I was too beautiful to kill.

And the seven little men whose house

I kept that winter and the following year,

They loved me for my beauty's sake, my beauty

That cost me my mother's love.

Do you think I did not know her,

Ragged and gnarled and stooped like a wind-bent tree,

Her basket full of combs and pins and laces?

Of course I took her poisoned gifts. I wanted

To feel her hands combing out my hair,

To let her lace me up, to take an apple

From her hand, a smile from her lips,

As when I was a child.

Mood: artistic

  2009.02.12  12.39
School, work, sell sell sell

So Matt starts tuesday, because he gets the holiday for monday. Even though I'm Happy for him and we will have money again. I'm a little sad on the inside, cause I got use to him always being here when I came home. I'm glad he'll get holidays tho. More disney days for us.

His birthday plans are set.

I put more stuff on creiglist. I hope the dinning room table and china cabnet get sold. There are still a few things I need to take picutres and post, but I'm just worn out. All emails have been answered, all 37 of them. Lets hope someone buys.

I'm going in early to work. Lots to do. Paperwork piled miles high. I think I missed the deadline to turn hours in, due to monday holiday. Hopefully not. If not, the next check will be alot more.

I have work friday after school too.

I got to see Coraline last night, in 3d. It was sweet, but I really wanna see 9 now. Look up that preview, it's so strange and wonderful at the same time.

I'm hoping I get to work on my quilt this weekend and maybe if I have more time then scrapbooking.

Mood: busy

  2008.11.17  13.51
mmm yes!


Mood: enthralled

  2008.11.06  16.12
If everything goes to plan...

there is nothing left to do but dance!

If I get the posistion I'm submitting for that means graduate school.
2 more years of ERAU.

So as a treat, that I've been denying myself for a number of years, I might just might go back to dance classes.
I left dance school when I left NC. I always wanted to get back but I never had the time or money. So thats my birthday present to myself.

Ballet and Jazz/modern.
If I think I can I'll join the dance school itself for night classes, then from there I might go back to musicals.

Mood: hopeful

  2008.09.21  20.28

There are a few things keeping me going for my fitness goals.

I believe I have a new one. I want to make a Queen Gorgo costume. She's super fit and a wonderful character.

Goal # 7889659

Mood: determined

  2008.07.25  17.11
once upon a time there was a girl, you really wouldn't call her typical

Dreams get broken
Hearts get broken
Then we build up new ones
Then the world breaks those down too
The best we can do is to keep our chins up

We can only run away from the problems for so long
till they come up descised as something else
some times its better to taste the poison of the apple
with death it also brings new life

I'm thinking of writting my own fairey tale.
I need to start on my prince charming outfit.
At least I have a mini model of what I want (thank you disney)

I think I wanna remake my snow white for BARF. but I still need to do batgirl before that. Costuming is a great escape for me. I find that I can push all the problems to the side or work through them as I sew and work.


I wish I would have found this dress earlier, I would have bought it in a heart beat, but they dont have my size, goodness knows i can't fit in an xtra small. I'll just have to keep a check on ebay I guess.

"You must try hard, don't give in
Keep it up and you win
Don't let them know they get to you
Put on a brave face and you'll get through
On your own, on your own way
Bottled up is where your fears go, your fears go
You will never show your fear
They'll tear you up until your tears show, your tears show
Smoke and mirrors
This journey of ours never ends
We will always pretend
Fighting not to let them win
And they're falling into our illusion
On our own on our own way
Bottled up is where out fears go, our fears go
We will never show our fear
They'll tear us up until our tears show, our tears show
Smoke and mirrors
Its about smoke and mirrors"

Mood: cranky

  2008.06.24  00.03
yeah its kinda like that


Mood: amused

  2008.05.20  14.37
My exciting next few weeks !squee!

This weekend = supercon
and i just found out there is a free outdoor rave/live dj thing going on
so after the co we can go dance for a bit, If we have the energy of course

Next weekend may 30-june 1st WrathofCon
This is going to be super dooper fun.
Need to buy my tickets this week.

Then Megan's Super secret surprise B-day Bash and the best place on earth
and during one of the best events they have

Then the new batman mini movie comes out the weekend after that june 8

Bleach movie (anime) is coming to theathers june 11th going to see that with Bobby.

Assimilation is that saturday after that. june 14.

I'm not going any farther than that cause my head might explode with glee.

Tiney told me there is a Pirate convention near where she is moving, its not till 2009 but i say we dress up, drive, and go. I think I might be a mermaid. Pirate <3 mermiads.

Mood: bouncy

  2008.05.06  17.57
Iron man

I was very happy with this movie. esp the scene after the credits. I squealed with excitedment. and i'll leave that as that.

Mood: content

  2008.04.29  13.00
Check list

Ok so aquaman(smallville) for a friend is going to be a bit easier and faster. All we need is Orangeunder tank(aka wife beater) and green board shorts. Its going to be up to him to work out and get abs lol. We can start on the out of water laytex/pleather vest at a later time for the next con or so forth.

Matt's is going to be a bit tougher tho. lots and lots of sewing, that will prolly start late tonight, after getting the material or course. At least he's didnt have any bad reaction to the green body paint test last night. that right thre is a bit off my mind.

I'm very excited about free comic book day.

Ps. side note seeing as matt is going to do beast boy, I'm going to make a raven like this.
It will be for con for course, seeing as im representing starwars at free comic book day of course. That means me and matt will have our first hero costumes (seeing as we normal do the darker side of the cmic world =p)

PS again: ^^ so hot

Mood: busy

  2008.04.27  15.00
Mario kart

one of the best things to hit wii
other than smash bros of course

Mood: crazy

  2008.04.18  19.15
reason # 847648.06 why i think im losing my mind

I get out of the shower and then notice I have shaved everything except my one leg...
I mean, wtf, how do I miss the whole leg?

Perhaps my mind was on saturday(aka tomorrow). Is it wrong when you day dream about sewing machines and all the great costumes that are about to come out of it?

Oh well. Sushi and Sake tonight. oh yeah.

I heard about a beach day saturday, if I wake up early I would like to go, maybe even bring the surf board. Then to orlando for my newest toy. Then back home again, prolly around 7pm but no later then 9pm. I'm so excited.

Mood: enthralled

  2008.04.04  13.11
weekend costume work out

so JoAnna's is right next to Jeff's house (stay over in orlando this weekend) which means access to a lot more choices or colors and textures.

The cool bonus is that Matt is going to buy me a new sewing machine because sewing by hand all my stuff is killer. I'm just not sure what kind is good or bad or what. I don't trust reveiws that much either. But I'll be happy none the less to get one.

I wanna finish my Sango so I can start on Matt's costume. Then I need to finish up my Harley Quinn which the leotard still hasn't arrived ( I prolly need to call the company and beat them verbally)

This is the last month of ERAU school till Fall. I should pick out my classes soon too. EMT school starts in May. My one itty bitty step closer to being a real super hero. Cause that doesn't sound nerdy.

Class in 15mins on Jealousy today. After that is the only course I am stressed about, but it could be worse. I jsut want the accident report done and correct.

Tonight will be stress free and fun. So here is to the weekend.

Mood: rushed

  2008.03.23  19.42



  2008.03.18  12.43

I had a weird dream about having a kid.
after giving birth i just took it around with me unsure of what to do with it.
i even took it to class, i figured it never cried so it wouldnt distract anyone.
it weirded me out hardcore.
I'm not sure why.
it just did.

Mood: weird

  2008.03.17  14.34

Happy St. Patricks Day

Mood: Green

  2008.01.27  14.57
me in the middle of everything at dragon con


Mood: amused

  2008.01.23  00.54
i gotta kick out of this. it may be my love for FF6, or just the craziness of it

oh plus harely quinn is in it, plus Ifrite.

Mood: amused

  2008.01.11  00.42


Mood: amused

  2008.01.07  20.53
Back home again

I have some nifty winter pictures. Snow is always pretty.
And my ass hurts from Skiing or perhaps more of stopping/falling part.

I have a long list of To-Do's tomorrow.

School starts weds.

Have a few goal to do this year.
Mainly expermenting with new recipes in cooking
Making sure to do yoga more
And Extra Outside Activities (EOA for short)
- such as more scuba diving
- rock climbing
- etc

Mood: busy

  2007.12.18  19.02

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Mood: busy

  2007.12.14  01.36
Santa Gets a Visit From the FAA

Santa Claus, like all pilots, gets regular visits from the Federal Aviation Administration, and it was shortly before Christmas when the FAA examiner arrived. In preparation, Santa had the elves wash the sled and bathe all the reindeer. Santa got his logbook out and made sure all his paperwork was in order.

The examiner walked slowly around the sled. He checked the reindeer harnesses, the landing gear, and Rudolf's nose. He painstakingly reviewed Santa's weight and balance calculation for the sled's enormous payload.

Finally, they were ready for the checkride. Santa got in, fastened his
seatbelt and shoulder harness and checked the compass. Then the examiner hopped in, carrying, to Santa's surprise, a shotgun.

"What's the shotgun for?" asked Santa incredulously. The examiner winked and said, "I'm not supposed to tell you this, but you're gonna lose an engine on takeoff."

Mood: amused

  2007.12.05  10.21
I'm thinking about a sushi night

Maybe sometime this weekend? The night really doesn't matter all that much.

But I think that would please me so.

Mood: chipper

  2007.11.27  12.30
just in case you missed it

My Birthday at Disney:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

The Cruise and a few new friends:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Mood: happy

  2007.11.12  00.06
For weds, my birthday

This weekend rocked. Got to go to Disney. Got a Card from Micky Mouse himself , also signed by other characters. A few pictures and my own special cup cake after a really good dinner.

For my actual birthday, ( which is this weds nov 14) I will be at tokyo (restaurant) in ormond beach off nova. Prolly around nine for sushi and drinks. My friends are more then welcome to come and join. No presents please, cards or drawings will be fine. No stick figures please. =)

If you have any questions call my cell or comment.

Now its time for sleep...night night!

Mood: exhausted

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